Sunday, June 7, 2009

No Artistic Merit

Here is a flyer from June 1990.
The Legendary Pink Dots were slated to play on Saturday June 23. If I recall, the Dots applied for visas to get into the US but were declined do to "No artistic merit". I have a tape recording of a interview with Edward Ka-Spel talking about the problem getting into the US, i'll look for that tape soon and post it.
Around this time, Boston was having a "Golden Age" of experimental/industrial/noise shows like the "Static and Interference Tour" hosted by WZBC. The exact dates escape me but I was lucky to see Psychic TV, Hafler Trio, Chris & Cosey, Danielle Dax, Zbigniew Karkowski, and a slew of others at venues across town.
I know I have another flyer packed away somewhere for the "Static" show, i'll post once it's located.

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