Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Muslimgauze - Iran (1988 Staaltape)

This was my first ever Muslimgauze CD, bought this in '89-'90.

I did not up-load this, found it here.

Just cuz whats happening over there made me think of this.


Edit: My bad, I should have looked at the link a bit closer. This comes from a really great blog found here . A thousand pardons.


Anonymous said...

they are involved on palestinian problems and they use jewish and african girls for their shooting
this is a british guy definitely dead since ten years
a split single was recorded with LJDLP
the ones that create a zyklon B anthology and some works with the voice of Pétain
on this single LJDLP speak about terrorism
so we can say that we can't have a simple fonctional politic view of "art"

Used Universe said...

You need a bit of cohesion in what your trying to say.
yes he's British and dead.
haven't heard of jewish and african girls shootn' up Palestine.
Whatever Bryn Jones political views were, the man did not stop recording/mixing music until he died.
that kind of creativity i greatly admire.

Thank you for your comment, please feel free to add more.