Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nisi Period (1991)

Nisi Period

I'm felling lazy, so here is their info from facebook (will edit & update info later):

Nisi Period was a dark psychedelic post-punk band from Boston, MA in the early-to-mid-1990s. Their sound was atypical for a time when grunge-fueled bands dominated the area's clubs and noncommercial airwaves. The eerie moan of J.B. Mulrooney's e-bow guitar and the keyboard textures of Joel Simches were grounded at any given time by the churning tribal clatter of 2-3 percussionists (including original members Brendan Curtis and sKott Rogers) and by Kris Thompson's bass. Vocalist/guitarist Dave Y wrote most of the songs, which were then fleshed out by the band. In 1992, RRRecords released Nisi Period's only album, Soon the Love Balloon Will Pop, which garnered considerable national attention on college radio. Their live shows are still spoken of fondly by those who caught them, and featured an eclectic range of covers -- including unique versions of songs by Sonic Youth, Tom Waits, The Residents, Beatles, John Zorn, Neil Young, The Clean and perhaps the only adaptation of The Velvet Underground's "The Murder Mystery" ever attempted by anyone.