Sunday, December 13, 2009

Blue - No Soul (tape 1993)

Blue was a Boston band from 1993.
With flourishes of the Paisley Revival movement, Tom Verlaine
and Rain Parade, Scott L. crafted some formidable music during the time when the dark cloud of grunge was engulfing the '90's.

I knew Scott through a friend of a friend. I just ran into him the other day and I come to find out he lives in my neighborhood, which made me think of his tape, so i dug it out. This is the only thing I have from him, if I recall he had a shitload of music from various bands
he created that have waxed and waned.

Not sure how the MP3 is going to sound, I'm using a new sound card and I haven't been to happy with it's interface and sound output. It's a Xonar Essence STX, suppose to be some really good card, well- I'm not hearing it.


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Scott L. said...

Thanks for the memories and glad you enjoyed the music
enough to take precious time out of your life to share it!
I still breath to produce and help others with their projects.
Here is a place to find some stuff by SCOTT L.

Happy 2010 to all!