Sunday, July 12, 2009

Michael Jackson, me and Amsterdam

Back in 1996 I got the chance to go to Amsterdam for a week. The company that I worked for was sending the IT director to a seminar/conference in Rotterdam. She ask if I wanted to go and spend 4 of the 6 days in Amsterdam and all I had to pay for was the airfare, I would be housed on the company's dime, unknown to them.
This was my first and only trip outside the US.

My last couple of days there I noticed a smattering of people hanging at a hotel, I asked someone what was up and she said that Michael Jackson was staying there. Later on I saw a dude dressed as MJ waiting outside with everyone else.

On the 5th day before I was heading back to the US, that evening MJ was leaving the hotel, I happened to snap these unimpressive images.

1. The fans
2. Two Dutch bike cops
3. MJ approaches
4. Make room
5. He's in there

Well, he didn't stop the car and asked me if i wanted to join him for dinner, 13 years later he dies. Karma's a bitch.

I have know idea what happened to the images, I spent way to much time arranging these in photoshop. I'll re-do them later.



Timea said...

I was there and it was great to see these pictures. I wish there will be more :)
Thanks for sharing your story!
Budapest, Hungary

Used Universe said...

Glad you enjoyed. I have a few others, just objects and things, mail boxes, a playground, I didn't take touristy pictures.

sorry for not posting you sooner.