Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Looking for...UPDATE!

I've been trying to locate a website that has downloadable OOP schlock/horror/Sci-fi movies.
It's not a blog but a generic web page.

I know I booked marked it, but I went through some of my one zillion saved sites with no clear results.
Some of the movies it has on the site are Death Ship, Parasite, Hanger 18 (?) and a slew of others really bad/good movies.

If you know the name/link to this site, please post in comments.


I found the site that I was looking for, it went belly-up about 2 months ago, I was just making room on my computer to gather some of these gems.
This site was a goldmind of bad '60's, '70's, '80's and such of "so bad it's good" movies.
Now that I can't check the site for content I believe it had a TV movie called "Dark Night of the Scarecrow" also that underwater nazi zombies movie "Shock Waves" with
Peter Cushing (Star War).

I know that I can get these form torrents or other moive blogs but this was a one stop shopping of B, C and D grade lost movies.

...Did a search at the Wayback Machine and that was the site. wahhhh.



seandonson said...

Try here...

and here...

Used Universe said...

But alas, those are not them. I'm sure that I booked marked it, so my only recourse is to open the few folders that it may lie in (with over 200 likes per folder) and go sifting through the tabs.

Whatever info combination I type into google in search of the site comes up nada. It's so weird that I can't locate it. I know I found it at some blog, I went threw the links on many movie blogs with no result.


TheSilentStapler said...

you can request the movies you're looking for on horrorhaven.org and we can try our best to get them to you :D

Anonymous said...

horrorflix.ws was the best site ever, I must have downloaded 300 videos from there. It shut down due to in-fighting amongst the admins.

horrorhaven.org isn't bad

Used Universe said...

Thanks, for the replies. Sorry for not posting your comments sooner. BUSY!